What to Avoid When It Pertains to Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

While on the surface it may look like Tile & Grout Cleaning is easy and anyone can do it effortlessly but that is not true in any way. Tile & Grout Cleaning requires specialized care and precautions along with proper tools and practice to complete it. If you are not able to properly clean your tiles & grout then it is going to look dirty and make your floor look dirtier than it really is. 

Here are some tips on what you should not do while cleaning your tiles and grout.

  1. Avoid Too Much Water On The Tile Surface

Normally people say to use water as much as you can, but it is actually not true and it is something that you should avoid. There can be more than enough gap and holes for the water to go underneath the tiles from the grout and cause the growth of mould. And, everyone knows that mould is not good news and it is something that you should avoid. It can also lead to the growth of fungus. So avoid using too much water while you are cleaning.

  1. Avoid Using Coloured Cleaning Agents

You should always use a transparent cleaning agent whenever you are cleaning your tiles. This is because using a coloured cleaning agent can lead to the discolouring of the tiles and affect the overlook of the tiles. If you are using something with a lot of bleach then discolouring is really easy to spot, this is especially true for dark colour tiles and grout.

  1. Using Rough/Coarse Scrubbers

On the surface it may look like your tiles and grout can take all kinds of beating and scrubbing that you do. But the reality is the exact opposite of it and it is really easy to cause damage to tiles and grout when you use coarse scrubbers. Something like a steel scrubber can remove small parts of grout and cause damage to it. This can result in a small hole inside the grout that can impact the structural integrity of grout.

  1. Using Harsh Chemicals/Acid Based Cleaners

It is a very common knowledge that people often recommend acid-based cleaners to tackle the bacterias and germs on the floor. But what they don’t know is, acid-based cleaners cause damage to the surface of the floor tiles and grouts. It is recommended to use a cleaner that does not contain acids or harsh chemicals. You can use organic cleaning agents or something similar.

  1. Improper Handling Of Furniture

You are gonna have to remove your furniture whenever you are going to clean your tiles and grout. But you have to be very careful in handling your furniture: wooden, steel, and iron needs to be protected from water. If you left your furniture unprotected or put down your furniture back down with extra force, then you can damage your tiles and grout. You have to be extra careful whenever you move your furniture and remember to cover them with sheets whenever you are cleaning tiles.


These are some of the things that you should avoid whenever you do Tile And Grout Cleaning in Forrest. If you keep these things in mind then, you can protect your tiles and grout from damages while cleaning. However, we always recommend hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner for risk and damage-free deep cleaning. Hire professional tile cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Forrest.